Property owners we have no hidden fees. No leasing fees, no move-in or move-out fees, no advertising fees. If we aren’t collecting rent for you we aren’t getting paid.

Start Up for Property Management includes:

  • FREE initial inspection of your property
  • FREE professional digital photos
  • FREE For Rent sign placed on your property
  • FREE lock box installation
  • FREE professional rental analysis of your area
  • FREE advertising
  • FREE ad design and placement
  • FREE contract preparation and lease execution
  • FREE new tenant orientation


  • Collection of rents when due.
  • Payment of bills, including mortgage insurance, taxes, utilities and repairs.
  • A monthly report of cash flow, showing income items and expense items.
  • All minor repairs to the property are taken care of promptly without bothering you. Major repairs require your permission before they are undertaken.
  • We recruit, select, and train your Resident Managers.
  • All prospective tenants will be properly screened to insure that your tenants are of the quality you desire.
  • If necessary, as a final resort, we will take legal actions on your behalf to see that your rights are fully protected.
  • We have 24-hour on-call maintenance team for emergencies.
  • At year’s end we prepare and send you an Annual Summary Statement of Cash Flow. We deliver or send the originals of all paid invoices to you.
  • Team Thompson can design and work a customized asset enhancement program to maintain and preserve your property.


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Go Green, Go Paperless

We Offer Paperless monthly Statements

Paperless statement form


ACH Deposit of rental income into your designated account

ACH Deposit form